Equity Action Agenda for Community College Governance (2018)

ACCT’s Equity Action Agenda for Community College Governance is a guide based on the responsibilities of community college trustees and the college’s leadership to promote policies that support access, affordability, equity and completion for all community college students. College diversity, equity, and inclusivity policies facilitate academic progress and economic and social mobility for all.

This guide is intended to assist community and technical college boards and CEOs to:

  • Engage in meaningful and productive discussions around equity and the role of the college in ensuring access and opportunity for all campus and community members;

  • Embrace and reinforce a culture that values and promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion;

  • Understand the board’s role in shaping and supporting goals, policies, practices, and procedures that promote equitable experiences and outcomes;

  • Identify and examine appropriate metrics and indicators of equity success (e.g., access, use of specialized student support services such as writing and speaking labs, tutors, specialized academic advisors, etc., course completion, English as a Second Language enrollment, degree and certificate completion, transfer, etc.), as well as diversity of staff, faculty, and students;

  • Provide leadership, support, and assistance (where appropriate) in developing next steps for designing and implementing equitable institutional policies, practices, and processes;

  • Establish appropriate reporting and accountability measures to monitor progress toward achieving equity goals and outcomes.

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