Presidential/Chancellor Evaluations

A thorough and formal evaluation of the president provides an opportunity for the board to take stock of the significant contributions being made by the president to the wellbeing of the College. It helps both parties to establish a learning agenda around emerging issues and needs, and strengthen the board/president relationship. A mutually agreeable evaluation process creates a proactive forum where the leadership needs of the institution, and the leadership role for the board and president, can be considered.

Today there is greater demand being put on the leadership role of the board. Boards are increasingly expected to work in partnership with the president to raise money, approve long-range planning, actively seek political and civic support for the College, manage communication with the media, and preserve institutional autonomy as political pressure and demands increase. Good evaluations provide a mechanism for the board to provide guidance and to establish presidential goals and priorities.

ACCT’s role is to give encouragement and constructive and impartial advice to boards and presidents as they strive to best serve their institutions, grow professionally and communicate effectively. We help the board design the evaluation process and assist by providing confidential staff support to the board and president.

ACCT’s innovative process:

  • Guarantees confidentiality and integrity.

  • Coordinates a fair and impartial process to distribute and tabulate quantitative and qualitative data from trustees and the president.

  • Analyzes assessment data and identifies areas of strength and concern for boards and presidents.

  • Provides impartial and fair reporting.

  • Includes a summary report of findings prepared and presented to the board with our written recommendations/comments.

  • Sets the stage for strategic improvements and establishing performance goals.

  • Facilitates a customized board retreat to present the summary report.

  • Provides the board and president an opportunity to engage in constructive dialog on how to close the "gaps" between expectations and performance, define a base line for future assessment, and set a timeline for the next evaluation cycle.

Description of Services

Preparation, Administration and Analysis of Data:

  1. Survey instruments customized to fit the desires and needs of the board and president.

  2. Design of instruments and process for gathering data from individual trustees. Accuracy is critical.

  3. Distribution and administration of surveys.

  4. Collection and tabulation of responses.

  5. Preparation of confidential reports

  6. Review findings and recommendations with board and president by conference call.

On-site Presentation of Reports

  1. Facilitation of review and discussion - Presentation of findings by ACCT Retreat Consultant.

  2. Recommendations - Open constructive dialog to frame recommendations and expectations for the next review period

  3. Defining next steps - Preparation of formal communication and records to insure follow-up

ACCT Consultants


For more information or to obtain a sample instrument, please contact:

Director, Retreats and Evaluation Services


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