Campus & Community Issues

Campus Public Safety with National Center for Campus Public Safety Director Kim Richmond (Part 2)

This is the second half of our discussion with National Center for Campus Public Safety Director Kim Richmond. Richmond walks us through these concerns, explains how to prioritize public safety concerns, how to prepare for on-campus crises, and she directs listeners to additional free resources, including webinars and publications. 

Campus Safety and Security Month: Handling Hurricanes with Dr. Benda Hellyer

Dr. Brenda Hellyer, Chancellor of San Jacinto College in Houston, discusses the impact of 2017's hurricane Harvey on the San Jacinto College community. 

Creating an Entrepreneurial College Culture

Susan A. May

How effective boards and presidents set the stage for prosperity.

Gender Bias, #MeToo, and Higher Ed

Ira M. Shepard and Catherine E. Walters

ACCT’s general counsel and his colleague, Catherine E. Walters, offer insights on why boards must address the #MeToo movement and gender bias issues.

Home Base

Jane Karas

Adding on-campus housing can help address student needs, but leaders must consider many factors before breaking ground.

Hungry and Homeless in College: Results from a National Study of Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education (2017)

Hungry and Homeless in College is a research report that assesses food and housing insecurity among community college students.


Hungry to Learn: Addressing Food and Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates (2016)

Hungry to Learn shines a glaring spotlight on the real rates of food and housing insecurity among community college students.

Open Educational Resources

A panel of trustees and faculty from across the country to discuss the advantages of open educational resources, commonly referred to as O.E.R.

Responding to Community Unrest Discussion Guide

This Discussion Guide was developed to assist boards to “dig deeper” into the questions raised in Volume #8 and Volume #9 of ACCT’s Trustee Talk series on what boards should consider when social unrest and upheaval occurs within the college’s service area.
Taking time to reflect and discuss “hot button” issues:

Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Institution

Liz Murphy

Strategic planning can unite community members, change cultures, and create fertile ground for institutional transformation.