Trustee Quarterly

2030: The Last Classroom in America

Hank Dunn and Rick Smyre

As educational leaders, trustees must help prepare their institutions for transformative change.

7 Strategies for Trustees in the Age of Analytics

Mark David Milliron and Linda Baer

Data-literate community college boards have the power to transform institutions.

A Five-Year Financial Planning Model

Stephen C. Head

At Lone Star College, a ‘living document’ of institutional finances helps the board set priorities and explore ‘what-if’ scenarios.

California’s Baccalaureate

Constance M. Carroll and Pamela T. Luster

How the state’s community colleges overcame challenges through effective advocacy.

Common Core Standards for College and Career Readiness

Paul E. Lingenfelter

A Leadership Opportunity for Community College Trustees

Core Values for Changing Campuses

Dawn Lindsay

The 2015 Charles Kennedy Equity Awardee talks about the importance of inclusivity and diversity on campus.

Digital Transformation for Trustees

Keith Myers

Boards can serve as ‘mission-focused advisors’ as their institutions modernize technology.

Does Your Technology Help or Hurt Your College

Digi Edwards

From your college website to student services, technology can make students’ lives easier — or scare them away. Either way, it’s not optional.

Driving Change Through the Audit Committee

Joseph Sunbury and Allison Stephens

To improve fiduciary oversight, the Nevada System of Higher Education strengthened relationships and connected the dots.

Effective Onboarding

Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.

How Halifax Community College Trustees Helped Ensure A Smooth Presidential Transition.