Bradley J. Ebersole, Ph.D.

Dr. Bradley Ebersole has served as an executive search and board retreat consultant for ACCT for nearly five years. During that time, he has led more than 20 board and executive development retreats and a pre-conference leadership Academy, all with excellent reviews, and facilitated several president/executive searches that have culminated in the successful hire of an individual having the professional background and personal characteristics to match the unique culture of each college.

Dr. Ebersole enjoyed a 41-year career in community college education that culminated in a six- year tenure as president at Washington State Community College, Ohio. During his career Ebersole, himself a community college graduate (1973), taught sociology, held positions in workforce development, was part of a team of administrators that started a new community college (Carroll Community College, Md.), and was instrumental in the movement to consolidate three community colleges into a single system at The Community College of Baltimore County. As vice chancellor for academic affairs at Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) he was engaged in leading a mid-sized college of 8,000 students in a time of exponential enrollment growth of 30%. Twice in his career, once as vice chancellor for academic affairs at BRCC and again as president at Washington State Community College, he was charged with strategically implementing significant improvement of campus climate and organizational culture. Dr. Ebersole is a certified mediator, has provided training in conflict resolution, and has significant expertise and experience in international education. He has lived and taught outside of the US for three years, primarily in Japan and Europe.

While serving as community college president in Ohio Dr. Ebersole was voted as chair-elect of the Ohio Association of Community College’s (OACC) President’s Council, and served on several commissions of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). He was a member of the search committee for the OACC president and was engaged in the establishment of an innovative student success funding formula as directed by the governor of the state of Ohio. Throughout his career he has assumed a variety of leadership roles.

For an institution involved in an executive search or board development, Dr. Ebersole, as a former community college student and president, brings in-depth understanding regarding the mission and operation of community colleges. As president he guided the institution, following a very difficult time, to a place of stability and well-being through improved strategies of communication, initiating a structured and comprehensive planning processes, and implementing a budget management system that was transparent and responsible, yet incented institutional advancement. The board of trustees was appropriately involved in this transformation as the end result of stability and advancement was their directive.  As Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs he was called upon to build a sense of institutional confidence and trust within a faculty body that was unsettled.

Through his professional experience and personality as a listener, mediator, and problem solver Dr. Ebersole has demonstrated success at garnering support and confidence of boards and presidents as together they identify and strive to meet goals related to increased effectiveness and on-boarding, or in the critical process of quality executive recruitment and hiring.

Dr. Ebersole currently serves on the board of an HBCU foundation and is past president of a Rotary club.  As a consultant for the Association of Community College Trustees he continues to actively contribute to the development of the community college mission.

Spotlight Questions

1. Who was your earliest professional influence? 

Isn't it often a teacher? As a first-year community college student a professor was interested in my personal success and helped me understand my potential as a student leader. I had not had such support before.

2. What are you most proud of personally and professionally? 

I feel quite satisfied that I have lived a productive life through a community college career, one that has allowed me to contribute to the lives of others, all while living with a loving family.

3. What is your favorite pastime or hobby?

I live in a warm environment, and for the past four years have enjoyed regular open water swimming of one or two miles. Being out in the wide-open water is truly an amazing and deeply peaceful feeling.

4. If not Higher Ed, what? 

Likely a National Park Ranger serving in our beautiful national parks.

5. What was the best piece of advice you have received?

Don't give up and face the challenge. Have confidence, you'll be surprised what you can accomplish.

6. What is your favorite drink? 


7. What is your favorite cuisine?


8. What is your favorite movie/book?

'Out of Africa'. It reads much like the life I am living with the eclectic variety of people and experiences.

9. Fun Fact? 

To celebrate 70 laps around the sun, along with a friend we swam one lap around Buck Island National Monument in the Virgin Islands. (3 miles). Last month I facilitated three board retreats in Iowa in 48 hours.

Bradley J. Ebersole, Ph.D.