Governance Services

ACCT  is the only national association that exists exclusively to meet the needs of community college boards. ACCT Governance Services support boards of trustees and campus leaders in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities, advancing institutional mission, and facilitating student success.  

ACCT experts deliver customized training, consulting, evaluations, and other support on a key governance issues and processes, including: 


  • Policy development 
  • Board and executive roles and responsibilities 
  • President/CEO onboarding and performance measurement 
  • Effective board/CEO relationships 
  • Conflict management 

How We Can Help

ACCT experts provide targeted consulting and advisory services to help boards of trustees address the following:

  • Successful onboarding of a new president/CEO or board chair
  • Clarifying board, chair, and presidential/CEO roles and responsibilities in governance
  • Establishing and maintaining an effective relationship between the board and president/CEO
  • Developing, implementing, and following effective board procedures and policies
  • Periodic review and updating of board policies
  • Adapting to external policy and structural changes, e.g., shifts in board appointing authority
  • Managing conflict and fostering respectful debate
  • Real-time troubleshooting of emergent governance issues and challenges

ACCT’s diverse pool of consultants are higher education leaders with deep governance expertise, and an array of backgrounds, perspectives, and experience.  Consultants are skilled listeners and thought partners, meeting boards where they are at, ascertaining institutional needs, and customizing their services and advice to the context and circumstances of the engagement.

Consultants engage primarily with the board chair and/or college president/CEO, however, there may be broader or targeted engagement depending on the project scope.