Community Colleges as SNAP E&T Providers

What is SNAP?

“SNAP” is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program which provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budgets of needy families. This federal program provides technical assistance, guidance, and funding for states to administer their own state-specific SNAP programs, typically through their health or human services departments. The SNAP program is housed within the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Services program.

What is SNAP E&T?

“SNAP E&T” is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Employment and Training. The SNAP E&T program helps SNAP participants gain skills and find work that moves them forward to self-sufficiency. Through SNAP E&T, participants have access to training and support services to help them enter or move up in the workforce. These programs also help to reduce barriers to work by providing additional support services.

What is the connection between SNAP E&T and community colleges?

As open access educational institutions, community colleges predominantly serve low-income individuals. In many states and U.S. territories, community college’s serve as SNAP E&T third party providers. In this role, community colleges provide job and skills training for individuals enrolled in their state’s SNAP E&T program. A community college may also provide expanded case management and other SNAP E&T services such as job search training and assistance.

What is ACCT’s role in SNAP E&T?

As an initiative to support best-practice development through new pilot projects, ACCT’s Center for Policy and Practice has been awarded multi-year grant funding to develop resources and tools to expand the number of community colleges serving as SNAP E&T third party providers. Using a cohort model, ACCT provides technical assistance and is developing a series of planning guides for community colleges to design and implement their SNAP E&T third party provider program.

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SNAP E&T Cohort Two

*Review of Cohort Two applications will begin APRIL 19, 2024.

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Linda Rhoads, Senior Project Associate, Center for Policy and Practice