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Your partner in advocacy, trustee education, and advancing good governance

The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) is the association that represents community college governing boards through federal-level community college advocacy leadership and comprehensive trustee education throughout the United States and beyond.

For more than 50 years, ACCT has partnered with member colleges to promote good governance, institutional growth, and student success. We serve as a trusted partner to our members, providing consistent, customized support as institutional and governance needs evolve.

Why Belong to ACCT?


Trustee education. 

ACCT is the authority on how to be an effective community college trustee and how to govern community colleges. Members have ongoing access to foundational guidelines, good practices, and practical advice for the unique challenges and context of community college governance – to build both their knowledge and expertise as they navigate the trustee role, and to trouble-shoot specific situations in real-time as they arrive. Boards function better with guidance from ACCT.

Critical advocacy. 

ACCT provides opportunities for members to engage with and influence critical national policy issues that impact their institutions, and to remain up to date on legislative developments that stand to affect their colleges and students. The association is the leading voice of community college leaders’ interests in Washington.

Customized board support. 

ACCT partners with members to provide customized training and consulting to improve governance practices; assess board, CEO, and institutional effectiveness; and navigate leadership transitions. ACCT’s board support consultants are deeply experienced thought leaders and on-the-ground institutional leaders, and ACCT is the only provider of these services that is dedicated exclusively to the needs of community colleges.

A connected community. 

As the only nationally representative organization dedicated to meeting the needs of community college trustees, ACCT provides a unique space for interaction and professional growth in the governance arena. Our two annual conferences are cornerstone networking and educational opportunities, and ACCT Connect, our exclusive online learning and networking platform, allows for continual interaction between in-person events.

Commitment to member value. 

Consistent with our mission of serving the all community colleges of every scale, ACCT is committed to ensuring that fees for membership and services stay reasonable and are not a barrier to engagement and participation. We continue to build our portfolio of programs
and services and seek continual feedback from members on how to better serve their needs.

Read our state of the association report for an overview of how ACCT works in tandem with our member college boards to make lives better.


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