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Aligning for Student Success (2018)

How Community Colleges Work with K-12 to Improve College and Career Outcomes

This paper calls on community college presidents and trustees implement strategies to accelerate academic transitions, extend navigational supports, and serve as career bridges from high school to the workforce.  

The report identifies successful community college practices and offers high-level strategies community college president and trustees can take to partner with K-12 to dramatically improve student outcomes. The report specifically recommends that community colleges focus on three priorities:

  1. Accelerate Academic Transitions: Community colleges can partner with K-12 school systems to provide opportunities for students to “speed-up” their learning through early postsecondary course-taking opportunities in high school or “catch-up” to a college-ready level through 12th grade  transitions courses that bring developmental education down to high school
  2. Extend Navigational Supports: Community colleges can work with K-12 partners to strengthen academic counseling and provide clear academic and career pathways for students.
  3. Serve as Career Bridges: Community colleges can and should serve as career bridges that guide students from high school to a credential with currency in the labor market.


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ACCT President and CEO Noah Brown talks with Education Strategy Group’s Matt Gandal about efforts of community college trustees and presidents to embrace the higher standards many K-12 school systems have adopted and to implement strategies to increase college readiness and success.