Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance

Pillar Publication

Trusteeship in Community Colleges: A Guide for Effective Governance has been ACCT’s best-selling, most comprehensive practical guide for community college trustees since it was originally published in 2000. 

In 2020, ACCT proudly introduced this thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded second edition that addresses foundational concepts of community college governance, more advanced considerations for navigating challenging situations, and information to help community college trustees understand the higher education landscape and, in particular, the community college sector, including the values of educational access and student success.

Edited by Jacqueline E. King, Ph.D. and David Conner, this second edition builds on the original text by Cindra Smith, with chapters updated and revisioned by J. Noah Brown, Ken Burke, Charlene Dukes, Ed.D., Pamila Fisher, Ed.D., Jacqueline E. King, Ph.D., Eduardo Marti, Ph.D., Karen Rafinski, Ph.D., David Rutledge, and Mary Spilde, Ph.D.

Combining the best in theory and practice, this handbook delivers effective, proven strategies for board leadership.

It includes everything a community college board member needs to know, including:

  • The Evolution of Community Colleges and Governance
  • Trusteeship Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Board's Role in Setting and Using Policy
  • Board Accountability
  • Community College Advocacy
  • The Community College Board and CEO Relationship
  • The Board's Role in Planning and Monitoring
  • The Board's Role in Student Success
  • Equity-Mindedness for All Students

Trusteeship in Community Colleges is the one book every community college trustee should own and revisit often.

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