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Recommended Reading: The Board Chair

Board Chair



By: Edited by Vaughn A. Sherman and Cindra J. Smith
A guide for leading community college boards

The Board Chair, edited by Vaughn A. Sherman and Cindra J. Smith

The board chair plays a crucial leadership role at a community college. What are the key traits needed by the chair? What are the chair's roles and responsibilities? How should a chair organize and run a meeting? What sort of relationship does the chair need to have with the CEO?

These and other important questions are answered by this handbook, written by longtime consultants for the Association of Community College Trustees, including several former board chairs.

The chair performs important roles in public and private, tasks for which there is often little training or preparation.

The handbook provides:

  • Basic guidance for those chosen to chair their boards.
  • Hints for resolving typical conflicts on governing boards.
  • Advice on how to prepare for the crises that inevitably arise.
  • Tips on parliamentary procedure for small boards.
  • Guidance on ethics—keeping the board doing the right thing.
  • Advice on how to avoid common traps in policymaking.

This brief guide provides all the essentials for someone thniking about becoming a board chair or someone who has been thrust into the position. Current board chairs will also find ways to make them more effective in leading their boards and helping their colleges succeed. 

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