Strengthening Rural Community Colleges Webinar Series

Through funding made possible by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and in partnership with the Rural Community College Alliance (RCCA), the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) is working to strengthen rural community colleges. Our project builds on ACCT’s prior work through the Strengthening Rural Community Colleges report that engaged rural community college presidents and trustees to gather information about the challenges faced by these institutions. One of the findings of this work was that rural colleges did not feel that they had a way to connect with one another to share ideas and discuss issues. They also expressed concern over the many barriers to accessing federal grant funding. One of the components of our project is the creation of a webinar series to help provide technical support and assistance, as well as resources to rural community colleges.


Campus Based ChildcareCampus Based Childcare

SNAP Employment and TrainingSNAP Employment and Training
Cultivating Digital EquityCultivating Digital Equity
Protecting the Mental Health of Rural Community College StudentsProtecting the Mental Health of Rural Community College Students
Community FacilitiesCommunity Facilities
Rural Health GrantsRural Health Grants
DEI EmployabilityDEI & Employability in the Global Economy
rural-applying-usdol-grantsApplying for USDOL Grants
rural-housing-usdaRural Housing & USDA
rural-colleges-and-athleticsRural Colleges and Athletics